Every year thereafter Julian’s clown party, all the kids cried when the circus came to town.


stand on tableAll the other mothers felt Debbie should have explained to Chauncy that it is bad manners for the birthday girl to turn herself into the table centerpiece.





Tara, Julia, and Mary stood at the entrance of the wedding reception. “Hmm,” said Mary. “The only one of those three that interests me is the drinks. See you guys in two hours!”


who invited everette


Everett was never the same after the glue eating incident. When questioned, he assured Mrs. Jones that this was, in fact, the proper outfit to wear to a tea party.


puppy decorWhile the idea of a puppy party was a good one, Stephanie didn’t think through having a house of 4-year-olds pretending to be puppies who weren’t house-trained. The floor in the dining room just hasn’t been the same since.



personalized cups


Everleigh secretly felt joy that her personalized cup sat atop the pyramid. The fact that everyone would have to wait for her before they got drink made her realize just how good she was at playground politics.


gift giving


A born organizer, Paula found that placing the keep/sell/give-away boxes in plain view at parties has helped inspire her guests to be more thoughtful with their gift-giving.




“How was the party? HOW WAS THE PARTY, YOU ASK?” Morgan stomped into the living room and dropped her bag. “I will never, EVER forgive them for playing glue the eyelash when someone lost the pin the tail on the donkey game.”


photobox gift


This year, instead of giving toys to his less-fortunate friends, Hadley made the decision to give them pictures of places they’ll never get to visit instead.


payup jar

While Denise was initially excited when Girl Scout Troop 667 spent 2 months discussing “The Secret,” she felt that perhaps Olive shouldn’t make her wishes so well-known to their guests.